In 1999 I first discovered Thai Massage. I took an introduction class in Thai Massage and fell in love with the work. I practiced Thai Massage since 2000, I enjoyed the work so much that it took me to Thailand to studied Thai Massage in Chiang Mai Thailand at ITM International School of Thai Massage, with Chongkol Setthakorn. This ancient form of body work fascinated me so much that it brought me back to Thailand many times to continue my studies in this ancient form of body work. In 2013 I completed the Certified Advanced Practitioner and Teachers Training Program. A 390 hour program at ITM. Now I would like to share this work. I offers classes in Thai Massage to others who would like to learn this ancient form of Body Work. I continues to make trips to Thailand to keep up with my training in Thai massage. If you ever want to go with me just let me know.